TCs Xplore_OPS Mcq answers

Rio quiz

1.Discipline in execution+pursuit of excellnce+customer experience
2.consistent+proactive risk management,discipline or behaviour,operations excellence
3.prompt handling of all changes......

4.break glass

5.all of the above options

Rio final quiz

1) It automation :- All of the above

2) Expectations of TCSer :- End to end

3) TCS opn day:- 24th july

4) Ron :- Ron should hv tested the script in pre production

5) Not an automation tool:- VR

6) Main obj of rio :- break free 

7) Earthquake :- Buisness

8) Google :- kubernate

9) Saas platform :- Datadog

10) Software platform for VM :- Vagrant

11. Means of production 

12. Ruby

13. Shift management  (2005 texas city)

14. Project oath (support engineer)

15. Recipies (object used by chef)

16. Ansible (not puppet)

17. Test kitchen (chef Dev kit for ruby)

18. Business continuity plan (earthquake)

19. Right combination of technical and inter personnel skills 

20. RCA requires... (woolworth supermarket)