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51.Drawbacks or disadvantages of Big Data
Following are the drawbacks or disadvantages of Big Data:


//i didn't remembered the options so prepare with below options

➨Traditional storage can cost lot of money to store big data.
➨Lots of big data is unstructured.
➨Big data analysis violates principles of privacy.
➨It can be used for manipulation of customer records.
➨It may increase social stratification.
➨Big data analysis is not useful in short run. It needs to be analyzed for longer duration to leverage its benefits.
➨Big data analysis results are misleading sometimes.
➨Speedy updates in big data can mismatch real figures

52.In python section qn is





  1. TCS 8

  2. TCS8

  3. None

  4. Error


Ans : 4

53.When tcs was established ?


Ans : 1968

54. Object includes ?


  1. attributes




Ans : 3

55.Agile principle



  1. Leadership over management

  2. Management over management

  3. Adaptive over prescriptive

  4. Prescriptive over adoptive

  5. Customer colloborative over contrort negotiation

  6. Contrort negotiation over customer collaborative


Ans : 1,3,5



56.Caption tag is used with …



  1. Image

  2. Table

  3. Both

  4. None

Ans : 3


57.Tcs values are


Ans: Integrity , Leading change , Respect for individual , Excellence , learning and sharing.


58.We will be fair ,honest, transparent and ethical in our conduct; everything we do must stand the test of public scrutiny ? this refers to which value ?


Ans: Integrity


59.To increase the size of a column in SQL.. ?


Ans : ALTER TABLE table_name MODIFY column_name datatype(new_size)

60.In unix section qn is

S=0 {s=s+$2}



  1. Avg of second column

  2. Sum of second column

  3. ….


Ans : 2

61.Is caption rage used to give table a caption … ?




  1. True

  2. False


Ans : True

62.Text-align:justify… ?




  1. Left

  2. Right

  3. Center

  4. None of these or (crt answer [Stretches the lines so that each line has equal width])


Ans : 4

63.If a client become informal to you then what will you do… ?

//partially same meaning options , not exactly same


  1. you will tell your hr

  2.  will be informal with him

  3. will him to be formal

  4.  you will ignore it and will not send any stickers


Ans : 3


64.One question from plsql  was” the upward to lower flow in a loop is …. ?”



  1. inverse

  2. reverse

  3. bakward

  4. none


Ans : 2



65.If you are in between you assessment and your manager told you to attend the call what you will do… ?

//partially same meaning options , not exactly same




  1.  say him politely that you will attend the call after your assessment

  2. you will ignore it

  3. you will tell him that you are doing your assessment

  4. will not attend the call

Ans : 1



66. a:link,a:visited {

background-color : red;


a:hover {

background-color : green


<a href = "abc.html">Click me </a>




1.will create a button having background color red

2. will create a link having background color red and on moving the pointer background color will be green

3.will create a link having background color green

4. will create a button having background color red and on moving the moving the pointer color will change to green





67.SQL Query used to search details based on the 1st character in a column..?


Ans : Select * from table_name where name like ‘(char)%’;



68.Unix command to remove duplicates in line .. ?




  1. sort –u

  2. sort unique

  3. uniq

  4. unique


Ans : 1



69.What is output of below commands.. ?


grep –o cat animal.txt

grep ‘cat’ animal.txt




  1. cat cat

  2. Cat Cat

  3. None cat

  4. Idk


Ans : 1



70.Question from javascript section ,”var x=100+5**3 ? “




  1. 125

  2. 225

  3. NAN


Ans : 2



71.File and directory permission access will be done by which command … ?



Ans : chmod



72.What is purpose of type and rowtype ..?(from plsql section)


Ans: TYPE provides datatype of a variable and ROWTYPE provides record type that represents a entire row of a table or view or columns selected in the cursor



73.Which tag is used to emphasize the text.. ?




  1. <b>

  2. <strong>

  3. <emph> or <em>

  4. ..


Ans : 3

74.On update cascade ensures what .. ?




  1. Data integrity

  2. Normalization

  3. Materialized

  4. All


Ans : 1



75.Flow of information in R10.. ?




  1. Primary -> Secondary -> KT

  2. Secondary -> Primary -> KT


  4. ….


Ans : 3



76.Mobile devices connect with GPS and camera of our phone… ?




  1. True

  2. False


Ans : 1

77.Delete lines from ‘this’ file .. ?




  1. Sed/’this’/d file

  2. Delete –f this file

  3. Sed/this/file

  4. Sed/this/d file


Ans : 1


78.String ‘llp’ file case insensitive.. ?




  1. Grep –i ‘llp’ file.txt

  2. Grep –wi ‘llp’ file.txt

  3. Grep –w ‘llp’ file.txt


Ans : 1



79.<p>top news </p>

<blockquote url: hindu  news…. Com</blockquote>


Todays news block quote display or not ?




  1. True

  2. False


Ans : True