Know Your Tcs Mcq answers

About Tcs - first quiz

  1. What is the current in USD for Q4 FY18 with employee strength of 3,94,998 ?Ans:4.97

  2. Tata Indica

  3. 1968

  4. Co innovation network

  5. Jamsetji

Code of Conduct

  1. Prohibited

  2. No

  3. All except calendar

  4. Refrain

  5. All except prohibited drug use

IT Consulting Industry

  1. True

  2. All of them

  3. Nolan and bennigson

  4. 1900

  5. IT consulting Industry

Business 4.0

  1. Working Mother & AVTAR

  2. Technology partner

  3. 2017

  4. Intelligent agile automated on cloud

  5. Abundance of capital & talent

Digital awareness

 1.Big data

•IBM Watson


•volume,velocity, variety, veracity •velocity

•all the above


•cognitive science

•neural networks(simulating structures) •intuitive based

•machine learning(computer alg)

•all the above

•Private cloud

•private cloud

•(Not cloud services)-enterprise •Software as a service

•All of the above


•Option 1&2

•None of the above

•Progressive enhancements •Responsive design

•Native application

 5.Machine First Delivery Model

•All of the above

•Business first

•EnterpriseIntelligent automation and artificial intelligence


•embedding security

Know Your Tcs Final Assessment

1. Who’s the founder of Tata group?  
Ans: Jamsetji Tata

2. Which Characteristics of Big Data deals with Trustworthiness of data? 
Ans: Veracity.

3.Which’s India’s first indigenously designed and manufactured car? 
Ans: Tata Indica.

 4.Some challenges in AI are? 
Ans: all the above.

5.What was originally called the “imitation game” by its creator?
Ans: the Turing test.

6. 90%world’s data is created in the last 2 years?

Ans: true.

7. In the 1990’s which company did TATA Steel acquire?
Ans. Corus.

8.Business 4.0 operating model ensures ?
 Ans. All the above.

9.How many independently operating companies re there under TATA group? 
Ans. Over 100.

  13. We use Natural Language Processing for reviewing Twitter Feeds.
 Ans: true.

14.According to the study of IBM , approx how much data existed in the digital universe in 2012?

 Ans. 2.7 zetabytes.

15.AI cannot be used in health care as this involves Doctors and patients. 

Ans. False

16. The change of mind set is required from “Optimizing Scarce Resources” to Harnessing Abundance” will help in
Ans. Leveraging ecosystems.

17.Robots can be used for building houses.
Ans. True.

18.When did Tata Motors unveil Tata Nano?
Ans 2008

19.Business 4.0 brungs sophistication to the
Ans. Demand supply.

20.Machine perception is the ability to use input from sensors to get information

Ans true.

21.Which among the following Key for IT managements based on the proper use of data?

Ans. Embedding security in every system.

22. TCS Machine First TM Delivery Model includes
Ans: all of them.

23.What is the change of mindset Business 4.0 is looking at when it comes to embracing risks?

Ans: embracing risks and adapt and transform continuously.

24.When Tata airlines, a division of Tata sons is established?
Ans. 1932

25.Who formalized the Code of Conduct?
Ans. Ratan tata.

26.The paradigm where a basic mobile friendly HTML page will be available and the Javascript code will add the functionality progressively to the Page.
Ans: Progressive enhancements.

27.Who formed the joint venture to open StarBucks cafes across India?

Ans: Tata Global Beverages and Starbucks.

28.The science and technology which deals with Automatic, computer driven machine which replaces Humans is called as
Ans. Robotics.

29.Tata group was founded in which year?
ans. 1868.

30.What are the 5 TCS values?
Ans. > leading change > integrity >respect for individual >excellence >learning and sharing

31.What are the 5 TATA values?
Ans. > Integrity >Unity >Responsibilty >Pioneering >excellence

32.Which of the method is used by humans while making judgements?
Ans. Intutive based.

33.For the organizations that aren’t currently looking to do big data analytics there is a little or no benefit to examining the data they’re retaining and evaluating how it’s being used.


34.After the successful completion of a project, the client gifted a Diamond ring to the on site project manager. What should the manager do?

Ans. Inform the client about our company’s gifts and hospitality policy and reject the gift.

35.Person who identified the Qualification problem in AI.
Ans John c mathcy

36.Big data infrastructure can store video files as well.

Ans. True.

37.The field that investigates the mechanics of human intelligence is
Ans. Cognitive science

 38 Artificial intelligence is the science and engineering of making intelligent machines


39.Popular approach of AI are

Ans. All of the above(traditional, computational, statistical)

40.what are the 4v”s of big data

Ans.volume velocity veracity variety

41 Click Stream analytic is associated with which characteristic of big data?