Business skills Final Assessment answers

1 Amy a client partner from germanyis having a discussion with the project team in india. Amy finds it uncomfortable speaking in their regional language amongst themselves. She feels a bit lost. What can the team do differently.
Ans: The Team lead should have stressed the usage of a common language that is English among team members.

2 Agatha’s team has been restructured. There are a number of associates who have joined from different parts of the country in the team now. Every member has certain stereotypes in their mind about the other members. What steps should the team take to resolve stereotyping?
Ans: Identify concepts that generate preconceived reactions. Unlearn these concepts and have a clear slate. Relearn these concepts in a neutral way.

3 It was Anjali's birthday one of a team members Prati sent her a birthday wish over an
email . She had marked CC to all her team members and also to other team members Anjali
was well known to many at the office. Therefore there are many who wanted to respnd to
prati's email how should the other colleagues respond
Ans: Send a separate mail to Anjali conveying the wishes.

4 Cathy sends invitation to her team members for an unplanned meeting to discuss a new
feature to be added in the project. Due to the shortage in time she sends the invitation
without an agenda choose the right option
Ans: An Agenda needs to be shared along with the meeting invite.

5 Mike wants to draft an email to his client after his team came up with the network of an
application. The network was asked to be done by the client due to some issues that the
customer faced after the sample product was tested in the market. how should mike start his email ?
Ans: Apologize to the client for not meeting his expectations

6 select the effective sentence( Manager’s laissez faire attitude wala)
Ans: The manager’s laissez faire attitude has led to an efficient work culture in the team

7 you received the project requirements from the client you are not clear about a certain
requirement what is the right way to respond?
Ans: Send an email to the client keeping your manager in the loop.

8 Vivian had around 5 minutes before an important meeting he found a client mail in his
inbox and asked for additional requirement he is of the belief that emails need to be
responded to promptly Vivian wanted to be on time for the meeting and also wanted to
reply to the client What should he do?
Ans: Take time of after the meeting and reply to the client after analyzing the requirement in detail.

9 Which of the following statements are incorrect?

A) to field is meant for primary email
recipients email is for their information and action
B) CC field is meant for secondary email recipient the email is meant for their information
C) BCC field is typically used for internal broadcast
D) BCC field can be used to hide a recipient while sharing an internal document
Ans: C

10 replace the underlined words with a more meaningful one. " Ben reverted back to the
mail saying that the team will work collaboratively together".
Ans: Replied, together

11) which of the following factors should be considered while wearing ties.
ANS: The tip of tie should always touch the beltline.

12 while writing a subject line it should :-
a) Draw the attention of The Reader
b) deliver the Crux of the email.
c) surprise The Reader
d) have at least 10 words
ans: a and b

13 Roslyn would like to create a good impression at a business conference. select the
common courtesies that apply.
Ans: All of the Above

14 which statements are true with regard to 'customer' and 'client'
Ans: All options are correct.

15 jalaja a saree to work. since she was sporting an ethnic look she wore big and bold
accessories with flowers in her hair. makeup however was minimal. which of the following
statements are correct.
Ans: She should not have worn saree as it is not a formal wear.......

16 how can one develop assertiveness?
A by showing empathy
B by showing sympathy
C by ensuring that others agree with your points
D by being open to feedback
E by accepting everyone's views
F by respecting everyone views
Ans: A,D &F

17 what is true about being agile
A Agile teams can never fail
B Agile is driven by action
C Agile teams do not experiment
D Agile teams do not believe in Rationalism
Ans: Only B

18 The Elevators are always crowded at ABC facility what rules of elevator etiquette should
be followed?
Ans: Always allow the people inside the elevator to disembark before entering the elevator.

19 As you are working you find that certain queries needs to be clarified with the client.
upon opening the Instant Messenger you find the status of the client as available what
would you do?
Ans: Check whether the client is free to chat. Post your query if the client is free. Else check for a suitable time.

20 which statement is more polite and respectful to a native English speaker
Ans: My wife and I attended the wedding.

21 what are the main features offered in the mail application apart from email
A schedule the meetings and appointments
B invite stakeholders for a meeting
C accept/decline an invitation
D set reminders to attend meetings
Ans: A,B,C & D

22 which is not a part of Pre writing process
Ans: Proof Reading

23 you meet your colleague in a shopping mall. choose the best response
Ans: Say Hi How is your day? After exchanging pleasantries you may close the conversation.

24 we can share funny videos with
Ans: It is best to refrain from sending videos unrelated to work.

25 replace the underlined phrase to make the sentence simple “the memo is not effective by virtue of the fact that it is lengthy”
Ans: Because

26 how do you ask your supervisor for a promotion in an assertive tone?
Ans: I would like you to consider my name for the promotion as I believe I have taken on
many new responsibilities lately.

27 Daniel is planning on restructuring his team to make it more diverse what are the
possible challenges he will face in the process?
Ans : All of the above

28 Customer experience is the internal and subjective response customers have to any direct or indirect contact with a company true or false?

Ans: Aishwarya : Passive – Aggressive
Jaya: Aggressive
Amitabh :Assertive

30 Chose the correct options
A Good Email,
A) Should never overcommunicate
B) Should contain Emotions
C) Should be properly spaced and arranged
D) Should be polite in tone
Ans: A,C & D

31 Which of the following is true? (Download flow of communication)
Ans: Downward flow of communication is when info flows from supervisor to the subordinate

32 Select the effective Statement
Ans: The team members utilized the TCS’ In house project management tools.

33 When communicating with vendors which of the following statements is true?
Ans: We need to document every message between the vendor and TCS.

34 Select the appropriate statement while transferring a call
Ans: “ Hello Mr Daniel Let’s get this problem resolved for you. I’m going to transfer you to our specialist who is the best suited person to answer your question.”

35 Chris stayed at the Ritz carlton hotel in Amelia islands........
Ans: ABCE(May or may not be)